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Square or rectangular pergola system utilizing 102mm x 102mm (4”x 4”) aluminum beams and corner columns.  Components are pre-finished in premium polyester powder coating and mechanically fastened using stainless steel hardware.  Designed as single or modular, in stand-alone or attached configurations Viso is made to your specifications.  Recommended 6096 (240”) maximum single span between columns (see Viso Bold model for longer).  Typical height: 2438 to 3000 (96” to 118”)

Viso Pergola
Viso with 2x4 Wood Grain Aluminum Purlins and Side Slats.jpg
Roof Options - Purlins

Horizontally Oriented

Inset to Beams

Vertically Oriented

Inset to Beams

Vertically Oriented

Underhanging Beams

Vertically Oriented

Overhanging Beams

Purlin End Styles

Typical Purlin Profiles - custom size, styles and materials available
Aluminum purlins available with wood grain finishes

Cedar and other species as specified. Custom sizing available. 

We do not offer Ipe.

Roof Options 

Laser Cut Aluminium

Custom Designs

Solid - Polycarbonate or Aluminum Panels

Retractable Fabric

Alone or in Combination

Power, Heat and Light 

All sturdesign shade products can be manufactured to accommodate internal wiring for power supply. We can prepare our products to receive your specified accessories for USB CHARGING RECEPTACLES, INFRARED HEATING and LED LIGHTING (strip, marker, down lighting, spot lighting). See Accessories for more details and contact sturdesign for options and specifications.

Privacy / Wind Mitigation (for independent screens see here)

Aluminium Slats

Aluminium Slats

Wood Slats

Planter Trellis

Laser Cut Panels



Sturdesign's pre-fabricated manufacturing process simplifies onsite assembly and installation. We provide step by step instructions and we supply the tooling heads to engage any optional tamper proof stainless steel hardware. Typical bolt-down installation utilizes wedge anchors or embedded rods, custom site-specific solutions are available.    

Optional Mounting Plate Cover

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