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Mura22 3-Section.jpg
Mura Screens

Aluminum-framed Mura modular screen systems are available in a range of frame sizes and are custom-sized to meet your project requirements. Available in bolt-down or embedded mount, Mura screens can be configured for single or sectional installation as stand-alone or attached to other structure. Recommended maximum spans between posts and heights vary with frame size (typical heights 1067mm (42") to 2032mm (80"). Aluminum components are finished with exterior premium polyester powder-coating.

Mura Screen Sizes.JPG
Single or Multi-Section Screens
Aluminum Rails available in a variety of profiles and Laser-Cut Aluminum Panels from 3mm to 6mm (1/8" to 1/4") typical.
Integrated Design

Viso Pergola with matching Mura Screens

Viso Bold & Sena Bold with matching Mura 22 Screen

Cascata Duo with matching Mura Screens

Custom Viso with matching Mura 44 Screen

Power, Heat and Light 

All sturdesign products can be manufactured to accommodate internal wiring for power supply. We can prepare our products to receive your specified accessories, including: USB CHARGING RECEPTACLES, INFRARED HEATING and LED LIGHTING (strip, marker, down lighting, spot lighting). See Accessories for more details and contact sturdesign for options and specifications.

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