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Lighting  |  Heating  |  Power and Charging
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All sturdesign shade products can be manufactured to accommodate internal wiring for power supply. Based on your project requirements we can prepare our products to receive your specified accessories, including: Outdoor HEATING, LIGHTING (strip, marker, down lighting, spot lighting, etc.), SOLAR PANELS, USB / POWER OUTLETS and OUTDOOR SPEAKERS. Electricians are required to complete installation. Contact Stur Design for additional information.

Retractable Shade, Curtains and Blinds
Stur Design Retractable Fabric Roof and Curtains

Manufactured with Sunbrella or equivalent specified fabrics, our retractable roof panels provide additional shelter from the strongest rays of sunlight. Retractable curtains and blinds offer a more private experience while providing additional sun protection or deflection of cooling breezes.  Contact Stur Design for options and specifications.

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